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Innovator resilience potential: A process perspective of individual resilience as influenced by innovation project termination

Innovation projects, i.e. projects that target the adaptation or development of new products, services, or processes (Woodman et al., 1993), are often terminated prior to completion (Shepherd and Cardon, 2009), especially when aimed at radical or discontinuous innovations (Bessant, 2008). Such project terminations are natural and often necessary as the innovation process involves high degrees of uncertainty and complexity (Clegg et al., 2002; Van de Ven and Polley, 1992).

 Prior research has looked at such aspects as the reasons for terminations (e.g. Balachandra and Brockhoff, 1995), success and failure factors (e.g. Shenkar and Yan, 2002), or escalating commitment to underperforming innovation projects (e.g. Sivanathan et al., 2008). These studies focus mainly on the consequences of managerial decisions regarding the immediate effects of innovation project terminations on profitability and organizational performance (Kester et al., 2009). 

Seymur Hamidov
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