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Seymur Hamidov

There are many things that should be taught in school, but often aren’t. Some may argue that these things should be taught at home, but they usually aren’t taught there either whether due to parents' negligence, ignorance, or something else entirely. Knowing that we cannot control the amount of time parents spend with their kids, I have come up with a solution tagged Coders Club in a bid to bridge that knowledge gap. What pupils would be privy to know through this club are such concepts as financial intelligence, building a healthy self esteem, people skills, how to budget and save, difference between assets and liabilities, entrepreneurial mindset, book reading habits, and so many other things you and I both know 'school' didn't teach us. 

I'll glad to become a volunteer on social projects based on increasing level of education in Azerbaijan.

Seymur Hamidov
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